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Boost Your immunity with Pari's Laddu

Immune Booster

Rich In Nutrition

Weight Gainer For Kids

Good For New Moms

Soothes Joint Pains

Reduces Fever

Reduces Diarrhea

Excellent Source To Avoid Viruses

How Pari's Laddu makes you "Healthy" .

There are 21 to 22 ingredients that comes from old remedies in adequate amount in a blend of dry fruits... For an example each Laddo has 1 date 7 almonds, pinch of kalonji seeds and likewise some other ingredients which are meant to keep ourselves healthy and cures joint pains,fever,cold cough .. boost lactation helps in babies growth... So I can say that having one Laddo a day with warm or cold milk fullfills your diet.

Taste & Packing

Pari's Laddu recipes are full of nutrition and ‘buddy tested’ for taste, by dozens of keen foodies. The Laddus quality process begins with the sampling and checking of ingredients and Hygienic Packing continues until the laddus are delivered to you

Health Benefits

Good source of Energy | Pari's laddu Triggers Hair Growth | Anti-aging Properties | Great for skin health | Boosts Immunity & Digestion | stabilizes blood pressure | Good for New Moms.| Weight Gainer For Kids | Reduces Diarrhea |Excellent Source To Avoid Viruses | Soothes Joint Pains.

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Our customers says

  • Bloomur Beauty
    The Taste is so Amazing and the packaging is also amazing. Its all worth and also thanks for the mug. Well done you
    Bloomur Beauty
  • Prem Kumar
    Neat packing and Excellent Delivery,  May you get Lot of Orders and Good Business  
    Prem Kumar
  • Abdul Baseer
    I love the Pari's Laddu, Specially the ingredients they have covered all. It's just like the all in one Immunity booster supplement
    Abdul Baseer

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